20 Temmuz 2011 Çarşamba

from Dogville

lt was if the light, previously
so merciful and faint
finally to cover up
for the town any longer
Suddenly you could
no longer imagine
a berry that would appear one day
on a gooseberry bush
but only see the thorn
that was there right now
The light now penetrated every
unevenness and flaw in the buildings...
in... the people!
And all of a sudden she knew
the answer to her question all to well
lf she had acted like them
she could not have defended
a single one of her actions
and could not have condemned
them harshly enough
lt was as if her sorrow and pain
finally assumed their rightful place
What they had done
was not good enough
And if one had the power
to put it to rights,
it was one's duty to do so
for the sake of the other towns
For the sake of humanity
And not least
for the sake of the human being
that was Grace herself
lf l went back and
became your daughter again
when would l be given the power
you're talking about?
- Now?
- At once
Why not?
So that would mean that
l'd also take on the immediate
responsibilities at once
l'd be a part
in the problem solving...
Like the problem...
of Dogville
We can start by
shooting a dog
and nailing it to a wall
Over there
beneath that lamp, for example
Well, it might help
lt sometimes does
lt would only make
the town more frightened,
but hardly make it a better place
And it could happen again
Somebody happening by
...their frailty
That's what l wanna use the power for
if you don't mind
l wanna make this world
a little better
That damn kid won't shut up
Says he wants to talk to you, Miss
Can we just shoot him now?
No, no, no
let me talk to him
What is it?
A man can't really be blamed
for being scared now, can he?
No, that's true
No, l'm scared, Grace
l used you, and l'm sorry
l am stupid, l am
Maybe even arrogant sometimes
You are, Tom
Although using people
is not very charming
l think you have to agree
that this
specific illustration
has surpassed all expectations
lt says so much about being human
lt's been painful
But l think you also have to agree
it has been edifying
- Wouldn't you say?
- Not now, Tom
Not now
lf there is any town this world would be
better without, this is it
Shoot them
and burn down the town
Something else, honey?
There is a family with kids...
Do the kids first
and make the mother watch
Tell her you will stop
if she can hold back her tears
l owe her that
l'm afraid she cries
a little too easily
We've better get you out of here
l'm afraid, you've learned
far too much already
Are you cold, Sweetie
Do you need a wrap?
l'm fine
You want the curtains opened?
You don't need them anymore
What do you think?
l think we should open them
l think it's appropriate

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